North Texas high school Senior pulls off viral Prank on school Principals

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COPPELL -- For many high school seniors, their high school career will soon be coming to an end.

“It’s definitely an exciting time in my life, you know, graduating high school and off into college. I know a lot of people are going to miss me…. Mom,” said 18-year-old Ryan Storch.

Ryan will be heading to Texas A&M in the fall,  but before he left for Aggie-land, he had one more thing to do in the hallowed halls of Coppell High.

“I made this ridiculous video where I got my principals to come and read words off a teleprompter for a stress test,” Storch said. “Then I spliced all the words and then put them in sequential order and then edited it together to ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth and it just took off on the internet.”

Hundreds of thousands of people viewed the now-viral video, and the internet hit even caught the attention of the band Smash Mouth. They tweeted Ryan praising the popular video.

“Smash Mouth did tweet at me and they said #RyanRules! It just made a complete circle and made me so happy!”

Even with the band's blessing, Ryan was more concerned about what the school district would say about the video.

“When I saw the superintendent at an event in Coppell and he literally came up to me and said, ‘Ryan, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!’ And then he gave me a hug! I was like, the Superintendent loved a video where I pranked the Principals of Coppell High School! You can do anything with your life.”

Luckily the viral prank will not keep Ryan from walking the stage to grab his diploma, but one thing can be said, he will go down in prank history as an "All Star."