Neiman Marcus popovers with home-made strawberry butter wins Dallas’ most iconic dish

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DALLAS -- If you need help finding some of the most "iconic" dishes in North Texas, Neiman Marcus is the place to be!

After weeks of voting, the people of Dallas have spoken. Neiman Marcus' popovers with strawberry butter have been voted Dallas' most iconic dish.

Not sure what that is? It's a little baked good served with a side of strawberry butter.

And get this, they bake over 40 thousand of them a week!

To celebrate the win, Neiman Marcus handed out free popovers with strawberry butter outside of their store on Friday.

Their popovers popped into existence in 1995 at the Zodiac Room inside the downtown store and were an immediate hit!

Chef Garvin at the Neiman Marcus location says, "for over 60 years we've been doing popovers, they've become iconic in the city of Dallas."

So now you know where to go to get those taste buds a poppin'!