Bebe plans to permanently close ALL its stores in May

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The store Bebe will soon be no more!

The retailer announced Friday that it plans to close all of its stores by next month. All 170 of them.

But Bebe isn't the first brick and mortar store to shutter its doors lately. Many retailers have been struggling to stay open and Bebe is just the latest victim in the string of store shutdowns, also known as " retail apocalypse".

The list of store closures includes teen retailer Rue 21, which announced last week that it plans to shutter 400 stores and focus on online sales. JCPenny plans to close 138 of its stores, Sears also announced earlier in the year that it will be closing 150 stores this spring and Macy's has already started the process of closing over 100 stores.

But why is this happening? Well, a lot of economists say consumers are shifting toward "online shopping" and ditching the malls.

So if you like going to the mall, you better do it while you can, because they may soon all disappear!