Collin County 16-Year-Old Starts Non-Profit Giving Duffle Bags to Foster Kids

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COLLIN COUNTY - Most 16-year-olds are busy worrying about school work, dances, and just about being a teenager.

Imagine adding, "founding a non-profit that gives duffle bags to kids in foster care," to the mix!

"They're only given a trash bag or pillow case at best to hold their belongings in when they go from house to house," says sophomore Keleigh Axelrod, who created the non-profit called, Impacktive, last year. So far they've hit five counties with their donations. "We give the bags to the social workers so the social workers can give them the duffle bags instead of a trash bag."

It gives the foster kids a sturdy place to hold their personal belongings, "and dignity," says Axelrod.

And the work is just beginning.

According to the Child Welfare League of America, in 2015, almost 30,000 children lived in out-of-home care in Texas which is out of about 400,000 in the country.

For Keleigh, there's another special reason this mission hits close to home, she was adopted at nine months old.

'If I hadn't have been adopted in the week that I actually was, I would have been placed into the foster care system," she explains. "I chose to use the voice that I do have to speak for those who don`t have the same kind of opportunity."

Looks like Keleigh has the non-profit biz in the bag!

To find out more about her cause and to donate, click here.