Class Act: Visually impaired student named YMCA Camp`s Volunteer of the Year

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FORT WORTH — Even with struggles most of us will never go through, Micah Boulter chose to give back and that’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week.

Micah is a senior at Mansfield Legacy. He is also visually impaired, a fact that has unfortunately made him a target for bullying.

“I’ve been made fun of. People just look at me in a different light just because of my visual imparity,” Micah said.

But then Micah came to the YMCA’s Camp Carter in Fort Worth, and took part in Camp Can-Do, a camp specially designed for kids who are blind or visually impaired, and his time there was life changing.

“You could just truly be yourself. You didn’t have to worry about other people judging you or being rude,” said Micah. “Just be yourself and they’ll accept you for you who are.”

Micah was inspired by the compassionate camp staff and decided that he wanted to volunteer at Camp Carter, too!

“The staff I saw how they really cared about every kid and how they put so much time and dedication into every single person who walked through those gates,” Micah recounted.”And I kind of wanted just to give back to the community.”

And give back he has! Micah was just named the Volunteer of the Year for the camp.

“To me, it’s kind of a big deal because I guess there’s a lot of people that volunteer here and to be chosen out of them, it’s kind of just an honor.”

A well-earned honor, too. Because when Micah ran into a world that wasn’t always nice and caring, he saw better than anyone else the need to show kindness.

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