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Sex with Stefani: Lingerie could heat things up in the bedroom

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You ever notice there seems to be a day for everything?  Like National Coffee day, Sibling Day, Dog Day, you get the idea here.  Made-up holidays that are supposed to get you talking.

Well, nothing gets you talking and fantasizing more than lingerie. Each spring, we all get to celebrate National Lingerie Day!

The only day of the year, where LESS truly is more.

My advice when it comes to sorting through the bras and bustier’s is to pick out something that turns you on!

One of my sayings on the couch here is “wear lingerie to express versus impress.”

The next time you wear something sexy under your clothes, think if it makes you feel sexy inside. That’s where the desire starts and your partner will feel the vibe from that.

There’s a great article in Cosmopolitan about how a woman’s sex life went bonkers after wearing lingerie to bed for a week.   The woman said it made her feel more confident about her body.

Why don’t you try what she did?. Once you start, you may not stop. Let me know, how it turns out.

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