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Say goodbye to Jet Lag, eye drops could be the cure!

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EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND -- Attention all travelers, there just might be a cure for that horrid jet lag after all!

Yeah, researchers at the University of Edinburgh say eye drops are the cure. Well, more accurately, the potential cure.

All because of the little link between our biological body clock and our eyes!

The data from our eyes helps the brain make decisions on temperature and hormone production.

So, where do they eye drops come in? Well, new evidence now proves that our eyes produce a hormone called Vasopressin - which can be inhibited by eye drops!

They can help manipulate the messages being sent from the eyes to the brain and eliminate symptoms of jet lag.

Which means this breakthrough may be the first step to a permanent fix to the dreaded jet lag and that's something we can all see eye to eye on.

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