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Roaches are wreckings PS4s

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DENTON, TX — Most gamers are probably used to running into bugs in the system, but not like this!

Turns out that cockroaches love the video game console and regularly make their home inside it.

“It’s big, it’s dark, but it runs warm,” said video game Patrick Scott Patterson. “Any place that’s dark and warm and has a little space like that is going to be attractive to some critters.”

And Patterson would know all about weird things in consoles. He’s always out looking to rescue video game machines from every style and era, and it’s led to some interesting discoveries.

“I’ve found bugs, I’ve found a skeleton of a gecko one time,” Patterson said. “Rats in arcade games, I’ve found nests in arcade games.”

Of course, the strangest stuff didn’t crawl in but was put in by previous owners.

“I’ve found money, some people have stashed money in them,” he said. “Found somebody’s secret stash in a game one time if you catch my drift.”

Yeah, we’re guessing it wasn’t Mario’s mushrooms!

But back to the roaches, besides just being gross, the creepy crawlers can also fry out your PS4 for good! So what steps should you take to keep your system bug free?

“Just keep your place clean,” Patterson advised. “If you’re attracting that sort of thing into your home that’s the place where they might go.”

So don’t fulfill that stereotype of being a sloppy gamer and keep your place tidy, or it just might be Game Over for your console.

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