Prosecutors say Dallas doctor who maimed patients acted as a “serial killer”

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DALLAS -- A serial killer can be anyone and unfortunately several patients in North Texas suffered under the knife of Christopher Duntsch, also known as 'Dr. Death'.

Back in February, the former neurosurgeon was sentenced to life after being found guilty for purposely "maiming" patients. Listen to what one of the prosecutors said.

"He was acting as a serial killer," one prosecutor says."He was serially maiming the patients."

New details straight from Crime Watch Daily reveals just how gruesome this doctor was. In an interview, the family of Kellie Martin, who died at the hands of Dunstch, got candid about their horrific experience. The Garland teacher bled to death after undergoing back surgery by Dunstch.

"Kellie even asked Dr. Duntsch, 'have you ever had any bad outcomes or deaths on your surgeries,' and he said , 'no, knock on wood'," explained her husband, Don Martin.

"I just became so enraged with emotion I think I almost lunged at him with my hands," added, Kellie's daughter, Caitlin Martin- Linduff. "I knew that something was wrong, and I wanted to hurt him."

In the special, prosecutors from the trial also claim Dunstch emailed an employee saying he was ready "to become a cold-blooded killer." Turns out, he was a murderer on major drugs reportedly doing everything from cocaine to Ritalin.

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