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My iPhone burned me!

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LAKE JACKSON, TX -- This next story is seared to perfection and we're not talking about a roast.

We're talking burns from an iPhone.

On Saturday, Luke Schillhab did what a lot of us have done, got into the pool with his phone.

So the next day, he decided to put his iPhone in rice, (to soak up the water of course) and after a while, he took it out and went to sleep with the phone.

Well, turns out the rice didn't dry it out after all!

"I didn’t event know what it was that burnt me right off the bat until I jumped up and turned on the light and looked over and you know, it was my phone,” says Schillhab.

Yeah, the "rice trick" is nothing more than an internet myth.

David Scarborough from Experimac says, "The most important thing to remember when you get a phone wet is you have to get that battery disconnected as soon as possible.”

Doctor’s diagnosed Schillhab with 2nd-degree burns; he said you can see the lines from the top of the phone in the burn on his torso.

Schilhab did end up filing a report with Apple after purchasing a new iPhone.

But talk about a rude wake-up call!

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