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Hope & tragedy mix as organ recipient meets donor’s family

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FORT WORTH -- It's been almost a year since the motorcycle accident that changed Mike Parsons' life, and left his fiancee Kammey Bagwell paralyzed.

"When I woke up they were carrying me away," Parsons recalls. "And I could see Kammey laying on the ground.  She had a fracture at the C4 level."

"She was barely able to move," said Kammey's 15-year-old son, Keeten. "We left that night knowing that she probably wasn't going to make it."

A few days after the accident, left with no hope of recovering, the 40-year-old Azle mother decided to have her doctors remove the breathing tubes that were keeping her alive.

Kammey may have passed away, but that doesn't mean she's gone.  See, Kammey was an organ donor.  And across town, a total stranger named Dwight Douglas needed a kidney transplant because of his diabetes.

So that motorcycle accident changed Dwight's life as well.

"The most wonderful days of my life were the day Susan and I got married, and the days that my children were born, and May 3, 2016, when I got my new kidney," said Douglas.

Yeah, Dwight's one of several people whose lives were saved by Kammey's gift.  On Wednesday, he met her family for the first time.

"The first thing I told him," said Neta Acuna, Kammey's mother, "I said 'Take care of that kidney - I love it.'"

"It feels good to know that she continues what she has always done," said Keeten.  "To help people."

Dwight's was one of 121 names added to the "Wall of Life" at Texas Health Fort Worth on Wednesday.

121 people who either donated or received organs at the hospital in the last year.

121 stories just like Kammey's and Dwight's.

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