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Adidas and Zara facing backlash on social media

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A couple of companies have done things that leave you wondering, "what were they thinking?"

Adidas sent out an email on Tuesday with the subject line that read, "Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!"

Uh, did they forget already? It's only been four years since the bombing near the finish like that killed 3 people and injured 260 others.

People were furious and turned to Twitter to express their disappointment:

@Kheich wrote, "hey @Adidas, I don't think this is the best subject line for an email.....

@nohoesneil also wrote, "Not the best way to start an email...@Adidas

The company apologized for the "insensitive" email and said, "The Boston Marathon is one of the most inspirational sporting events in the world.... Every year we're reminded of the hope and resiliency of the running community event."

But Adidas apparently isn't the only retailer in the hot seat.

Zara is under fire for a cartoon patch on one of its skirts. You may wonder how a cartoon can cause any harm. Well, it bore a resemblance to Pepe the Frog, A character that's associated with hate groups, and was added to the Anti - Defamation League's hate-symbol database just last September.

The Spanish retailer told Vogue U.K. the product has no link to Pepe, but removed the character anyway.

Just two years ago, Zara apologized for a children's t-shirt that resembled the uniform worn by Jewish prisoners in concentration camps.

We can still wonder "what were they thinking," but at least both companies tried to do better on "second thought."


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