A Mcdonald’s manager in Wisconsin is behind bars after allegedly issuing fake “Big Mac” refunds worth almost $4,000!

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There's some money drama at a Wisconsin Mickey D's!

A McDonald's store manager is being accused of stealing almost $4,000 from the suburban Milwaukee location by issuing fake "Bic Mac" refunds.

And now she's facing a felony theft charge.

Mary Ruelle's supervisor first became suspicious when he saw refunds coming in for over $30 and some even over $200, starting at the beginning of this year until the end of March.

Now keep in mind that issued refunds at Mcdonald's are normally just a couple of dollars.

So what does he do next?

The supervisor then watched the surveillance video and caught the woman authorizing refunds for food that was never returned, then taking the money directly from the register.

So how much money exactly did Ruelle allegedly steal? $3,827.17! Which is equivalent to 1,071 Big Macs.

If convicted, the former manager will face up to a year and a half behind bars or up to $10,000 in fines.

And unfortunately for the thief, she won't be seeing many Big Macs in her future. Thanks to the problem-solving supervisor.



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