An eggcellent Easter Sunday in Dallas!

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DALLAS — For millions in Dallas and around the world, Easter Sunday is one of the holiest days of the year, and one that gives them hope.

“This world of ours, so many people are filled with fear, they are so filled with fear,” said Bishop Edward Burns. “And you know the one message that always came through on Easter, was be not afraid. Be not afraid. And I think that it is our Risen Lord who brings us the hope that we need in this very dark and sinful world.”

And after a trip to church it was time for a little leg stretching out at City of Dallas’ massive Easter egg hunt at Lee Park, and even there, there was a holiday spirit of giving and kindness.

“So we both decided to run across to the big piles,” said one girl who was at the egg hunt with her little sister. “But then some kids only had three eggs so we both gave them a whole bunch.”

Then top it all off with a spring cute overload with the annual puppy parade

“You are missing out on the most fabulous parade ever,” said Leeanne Locken, star of Real Housewives of Dallas. “It’s ready to go down!”

So it was another great Easter here in DFW, and whatever the day means to you, we wish you a Happy Easter from all of us at NewsFix!