From Floetry to flourishing solo: Marsha Ambrosius talks new album

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DALLAS -- Marsha Ambrosius describes herself  as "a very strong black woman speaking her mind."

The singer stopped by NewsFix to grace us with her vivacious vibes before her Dallas show.

Marsha is no stranger to the area. The only difference this time around is her first true love has joined her for the journey. She took a small hiatus from the spotlight to give birth to her now three-month-old baby girl, Nyla.

"Forget the concerts, I have to perform," Marsha said. "She needs a full blown musical production throughout the day, whether it's changing a diaper, whether it's feed me or rock me to sleep now."

Marsha describes motherhood as a one-of-a-kind experience, mixed with all sorts of emotions.

"It's the most nerve wrecking, exhilarating, exhausting thing, most natural thing that's ever happened to me. I just knew I was looking forward to it and, I knew I was in love," she explained.

Marsha's love life and baby making hasn't stopped her from making good music. She's expected to release a new album titled, Nyla. She describes her project as a "journey of love, it's the journey of discovering who I am and who I was always suppose to be."

It's been over a decade since Marsha split from Floetry, but on her current tour, she's still sharing the stage with another R&B favorite, Eric Benet.

"To share the stage and engage with our like minded fans, that are just so appreciative of good music, real music, real singing, live band it's complimentary," she added.