Tomi Lahren talks about what’s next for her

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DALLAS -- Many have done their best to silence her, but no one has succeeded.

Tomi Lahren, whose political commentary has become a staple on social media, is suing her old bosses at The Blaze for banning her from doing her thing. She talked to Nightline about it, and people saw a side of her that they don’t usually see.

Now, for the first time since news broke about all the drama, Tomi is talking to NewsFix about what's next for her.

“I’m doing a lot of fun stuff right now. If you’ve seen my face on the billboards of Dallas, I’m doing something called the American Freedom Tour, and that’s a speaking event,” said Tomi. “And it’s just going to be kind of a motivational speech and give you some of the tools to the success that I’ve been able to achieve at 24.”

Believe it or not, you may have seen evidence of her next move already, even before she knew! That’s because she had no idea about the billboards promoting the event.

“Photos sent to me by friends saying, ‘Hey, did you know you were on a billboard?’ People almost crashed their car because people saw my giant face up there," she said.

The American Freedom Tour is scheduled to hit up the Big D on May 9.

Yeah, “sitting back and shutting up” isn’t really Tomi’s style:

Which is why it's no surprise we haven't heard her final thoughts just yet, “Oh, I’ll be back soon.”

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