How do YOU eat Cadbury Creme Eggs?

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It was iconic commercials that eventually launched Cadbury Eggs into Easter superstardom.

Around since the roaring twenties, they actually didn't gain their cult like following until the 1970's.

Today people are so obsessed, the Cadbury factory cranks our nearly 1.5 million of these delectable treats per day. The eggs are made in two separate pieces and then slapped together after the sides are filled with liquid fondant. The eggs are eventually fused together to create the iconic Easter treat.

Traditional Cadbury eggs are filled with creme, but you can find caramel and chocolate filled eggs. The eggs contain 26.5 grams of sugar which is nearly the entire recommended sugar limit per day for women.

The biggest disagreement when it comes to Cadbury eggs is how to eat them. The company conducted a survey that revealed 53% of people bite the top off and suck the creme out, 20% bite straight through, and 6% of people scoop the creme out with their finger.

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