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Texas teen ‘promposes’ with a poster that’s hard to understand – but still gets a yes

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SHERMAN, TX -- What is the perfect "promposal"? What about one that you can't understand - would you still say YES?

That's what happened with this Texas teen. Marlen Williams recently shared his "promposal" on Twitter and it's hard to understand. It's been days and people are still trying to figure out what it says.

One user on Twitter guessed, "you'll run the I'll be 1 I'd love to take 2 a shot at prom #12 with you."

Not really sure what that meant, but ok.

Another begged, "please tell what this says..."

Well, what the "promposal" poster says doesn't matter, as long as the person you're asking says yes. And in this case, that's exactly what happened. Way to go, Marlen!

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