A bar curfew proposal could shorten your night out in Dallas

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DALLAS – A new proposal could mean cutting your night out a few hours short in certain areas of Dallas.

The proposal, a late hours overlay, would allow neighborhoods to define geographical boundaries in different districts. Businesses in the boundaries would have to close at midnight or apply for a special permit to stay open past that time.

The idea comes from the reaction of bigger crowds in Uptown and the successes of the boundaries in Lower Greenville.

Lower Greenville currently has a process for businesses wanting to stay open past midnight.

Bar owners are concerned that losing hours would cost them revenue if the overlay is approved.

The proposal would only allow the geographical boundaries to be created if stakeholders believe they’re necessary.

Don’t fret though, because there are many steps that it has to pass before it becomes a new law in Dallas. It still needs to get approval from a zoning committee and plans for commission have to be made before getting a “yes” from Dallas City Council.