Grey hair in men could mean an increased risk of heart disease, new research suggests

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Men, you might want to grab a mirror and take a good look at your hair.

Why? Well, a new research out of Egypt suggests grey hair could mean an increased risk of heart disease.

Yep, the study of more than 500 men found those with whitest hair had the most increased risk of a specific kind of heart disease called "Coronary Artery Disease" and is established risk factors.

One of the lead researchers of the study says if the findings are confirmed, the amount of grey or white hair a man has could be used as a predictor for heart disease.

So we know that grey hair is a part of getting older, but can it also definitely mean heart problems are in the future?

Well, in short.. researchers say a larger study, including women, is needed to know the answer to that question.

So until then, doctors advise men to have regular check-up in order to avoid early "cardiac" problems.

And to all the bald men out there, maybe no news is good news!