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Maid hangs from balcony while boss records & refuses to help!

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There's no way to clean up this mess!

A horrific video shows a house maid hanging from a seven-story apartment building in Kuwait, before ultimately falling. You can clearly hear and see the lady scream hysterically for her life.

As for the person recording? Well, that's her boss! Yeah, she catches the entire ordeal in a 12-second video without making a single attempt to help.

The maid's grip slips and she falls, landing in a cloud of dust on a rooftop below. According to the Kuwait Times, the Ethiopian maid survived! She only suffered a broken arm and bloody nose.

As for the vicious videographer? Well, she was arrested for failing to help.

It’s not clear what caused the fall but it's said, the rich exploit poor domestic workers in the Middle East and they are often held as prisoners, which makes wanting to escape by jumping off a building pretty common.

Sounds like this is one crime they won’t be able to sweep under the rug.

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