Bored? Broke? 👉 Savvy Saver

Riding a hobbyhorse is now an organized sport. Seriously.

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A new sport in Finland just might be your next ticket to the pros. It all has to do with horses! Not just any horse -- a wooden one.

Check out these hobbyhorse athletes straddling a toy pony and prancing around in front of judges.

But don't call it horse crap just yet. According to the Hobby Horse rule book, it's not as easy as it looks. Competitors are reportedly expected to jump over obstacles and run through rivers and streams-- just like a real horse would. They say it's all in the leg work.

We're getting a charlie-horse just watching!

So, if becoming an equestrian is out the question, try horsing around on a wooden stick and you might be the next hobby horse MVP (in Finland).

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