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California man punches worker over declined debit card

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So what do you when your debt card gets declined? Some of us may get embarrassed, and politely walk away. But that wasn’t the case here. A California man went ballistic when his debt card got declined at a 7-11, Wednesday.

The store’s surveillance video shows the man punching an employee, pushing cash registers and other items off the counter. Police say the angry customer caused 700 dollars worth of damage to the store and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

So, what would you do if your card got declined? Let’s see what people on Twitter got to say…

@_anhqd writes, “If my card ever gets declined Ima need the cashier to either whisper it to me or write a note. If ur loud I gotta get u fired at that point.”

@_Meltropolis comments on the incident, writing..”Store clerk probably beasted and yelled ‘sorry your card declined’.”

And the question on everyone’s mind of course is… what was he trying to buy?

Drum roll please..

A bag of M&M’s… well, now we know this guy needs more than just candy.

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