Gift of life: Family of late Joshua HS athlete meet organ donor recipients

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FORT WORTH -- Last year, 15-year-old Aaron Singleton played his last football game. The Joshua High School athlete suffered a deadly seizure after taking a hit on the field.

"He was full of life. He was always was helpful and giving to others," Aaron's mom, Cassandra told NewsFix.

He's not with us anymore but Aaron is still giving back. Wednesday morning, family and friends cried tears of joy in front of Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth. They were joined by two strangers who recently received the teen's organs.

After months of suffering, Brenda Florez received Aaron's liver and left kidney.

"I had been very sick for approximately three or four months and then I received my donation," Florez explained.

Another match was Mike Norton, who now has Aaron's heart.

Norton says he carries Aaron with him wherever he goes.

"He hasn't passed away to me. He's right here 'cause I can feel him every day," Norton added.

Aaron's brain was also donated to the National Institute of Health to help researchers study football related deaths and injuries. Two other recipients have been given Aaron's organs.

The special reunion also gave a special nod to Organ Donor Awareness.

"He would want to help others and knowing that they feel that he's with him means a lot," Cassandra added.

Even though Aaron's life couldn't be saved, it's pretty awesome he's helped save others.