Supreme Court strikes down New Hampshire bid to ban ballot selfies

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CONCORD, NH -- Remember when A-lister Justin Timberlake took a ballot selfie? Well that pic sparked a lot of controversy.

Turns out it's illegal to take pictures with your ballot in some states, including Tennessee, where Justin snapped his selfie. He could have gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble.

Luckily, the state wasn't interested in punishing him.

Other states however are trying their best to keep those snaps a safe distance from the polling place. Most recently in was New Hampshire.

The state's lawyers say they're trying to prevent voter buying and coercion, and would give out fines that went up to a thousand bucks!

The Supreme Court wasn't having it and declined to hear the case, leaving a lower courts ruling in place and basically saying the ban is a huge violation of the voters' first amendment right to free speech.

However, when it comes to states who wants to ix-nay voters' say when it comes to selfies, it's anything but clear whether the move is a legal one or not.

Other states like New York have laws in place to keep the snaps at bay, but a judge in Colorado ruled you can take pictures.

So are you breaking the law when it comes to taking that selfie at the polls?

It depends on where you are, and even then, maybe you'll get the Justin Timberlake treatment!

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