Robot lawn mower cutting edge of technology

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DALLAS -- Sometimes doing chores is just a fact of life. It involves everything from taking out the trash to mowing the lawn.

Well, one local company says when it comes to the lawn, robots are a cut above the rest.

“We started Robin two years ago as a subscription based lawn care service, and we`ve grown to about 6,000 customers over those two years. We looked at robots as a potentially reliable service for our costumers," said co-founder Justin Crandall

“It’s much like a Rumba vacuum cleaner but for your lawn, it mows around in a random pattern. It mows every day so your lawn looks freshly cut each day of the week,” said Bart Lomont.

These lawn care tech tools are also green, and we’re not talking about the grass.

“Lawn equipment generates 5% of the U.S pollution and the state of California said by next year, lawn equipment will generate more pollution than cars. So there is an environmental benefit,” Crandall said.

Folks with Robin say letting the robots take over the cutting of the grass will free up their human crews to focus on other landscaping projects.

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