Frisco homeowner shoots solicitor; Washington man shoots and kills intruder taking shower

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FRISCO -- Some people mean it when they say "no solicitors"! A Frisco man was so serious about it, he apparently shot a door-to-door roof salesman.

Radu Chivu allegedly confronted the salesman outside his house and shot him. Cops say Chivu had a "no soliciting" sign on his house but that wasn't reason enough to shoot the guy.

The salesman was taken to the hospital and Chivu has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

A similar situation happened in Washington, but instead of a solicitor, an intruder was shot and killed for taking one thing: a shower!

Bruce Fanning, a homeowner of two neighboring houses, went to work on one of his properties when he found 31- year old Nathaniel Rosa taking a shower.

Fanning says he allegedly told Rosa to get out of the shower, but the intruder seemed drunk and was making threats towards Fanning. So, Fanning went to his other property, grabbed a gun, and shot Rosa.

Officers don't know why Rosa was there and the two men didn't know each other, but cops think Fanning had plenty of time to call police before shooting Rosa. Fanning was arrested for second-degree murder.

Long story short, don't break into houses. If you see a "no soliciting sign" out front, maybe just move it along.

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