The roof is on fire! Lightning strikes torch houses in Grand Prairie

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- Mother Nature put on a fiery show across North Texas. Lightning strikes are to blame for at least two house fires in Grand Prairie Sunday.

You can hear a woman screaming "Oh my gosh" in amateur video that shows flames shooting through the roof of a house in the 3400 block of Quannah Drive.

"The whole house is trashed," Tim Vaughn said referring to his sister's home. "You've got this much water at the bottom, it' a mess. But they all got out okay, and the animals did. I guess we're blessed."

A couple of miles away on Palomino Way, an elderly man was home alone when the place went up in flames.

"He explained while he was laying down sleep, he heard a loud boom," his son-in-law, Steven Franklin, told NewsFix. "He turned around, and the whole house was filled up with black smoke."

He hightailed it out of there and drove down to his son-in-law's house where his granddaughter answered the door.

"She was like, 'Granddaddy's house is on fire!' I got up, I saw him coming around, but he was pretty much in his socks," explained Franklin. "You can tell that it pretty much startled him."

Thankfully, grandpa is okay.

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