Woman behind ‘Wee Wee Booty’ found guilty of murder

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DALLAS - A jury has found Denise "Wee Wee" Ross guilty of murder in the death of 34-year old Wykesha Reid.

Ross performed several illegal amateur cosmetic surgeries on Reid — known in the streets as “The Wee Wee Booty.”

"She kept this business in play and people went, women went,” the prosecutor said during opening statements. “These women wanted to be beautiful.”

“The Wee Wee Booty” reportedly consisted of industrial grade silicone, which filled Reid’s veins, heart, and lungs before killing her. Jurors heard the 911 call made after Ross and her assistant allegedly left Reid’s lifeless body on the surgery table at a salon in Deep Ellum back in 2015.

“They left her there like a piece of garbage,” the prosecutor explained.

Ross' attorney tried to put the blame it all on her assistant, Alicia Clarke.

"All the criminal evidence clearly shows that it was Alicia that gave her the shots," Ross' attorney explained. Clarke's trial is set for June.

Ross is now awaiting sentencing. She faces up to life in prison.