WATCH: Guy found duct-taped to sign in Houston!

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HOUSTON -- We can bet you're having a better day than this guy. Drivers in H-Town were hitting the brakes after spotting him duct taped to a Yield sign.

Talk about a sticky situation...

Dont lose a coin toss this is wat happens #myhouseisdirty #myhouseisclean

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How the heck did he end up there? Well, you can thank his friends for this one. He bet his boys the Houston Rockets would beat the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. Well, Steph Curry did his thing, with the Warriors blasting the Rockets 113 to 106.

That means the poor guy had to pay up and get taped up.

Of course, drivers didn't know what the heck was going on, so they called the cops. After officers cut Miguel down, they gave the pranksters a lecture and let them off with a warning.

Thankfully, no one was arrested. And the only thing hurt here is his ego.

(**WARNING: Graphic language**)