Rockwall gets hit with 95-MPH Straight-line winds

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It was a stormy night, to say the least, for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Rain rolled in causing schools to close and over 200,000 power outages.

And when the sun rose Wednesday morning, the damage was there for everyone to see, with one of the hardest hit being Rockwall.

The National Weather Service says winds in that area reached speeds of 95 miles an hour, causing damage to many homes.

Sgt. Jeff Welch of the Rockwall Police Department says, "The number of homes that received significant damage was probably somewhere around 10-15 and then there's several homes and fences that had minor damage to them also."

So far, there isn't any evidence of a tornado being the culprit but according to the National Weather Service; winds were equivalent to an F1 tornado.

"The storm that came through here were fairly large bow echoes. A bowing segment is something that just looks like a bow, of a bow and arrow. And in this case, I think we've got some damage obviously behind us. But it’s the horribly named straight line winds and there's nothing straight about straight line winds,” says Mark Fox of the Fort Worth Weather Service.

Tiphannie Willie-Clements says, “I just didn't know which way to go or turn. I just felt the house rumbling and it just literally was like the force of the explosion or whatever it is. It is amazing to me that it’s wind of any sort because it felt like a bomb."

The winds may have left their mark but the people of Rockwall proved once again, that they can weather almost any storm.