Pee Wee Pumps sells heels for babies!

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We all know that babies can't walk but that doesn't stop some of us from putting them in some cute kicks, now does it?

A little loafer, a small sandal or teeny Toms are all enough to send any baby lover over the edge. And a company based out of Pennsylvania is taking it to the next level by making sure your baby girl’s first step is in style.

Introducing Pee Wee Pumps! The shoes are around $10 and come in many different colors.

While the pumps have definitely created a buzz, not everyone seems to agree with putting heels on babies.

The pretty in pink pumps gave some parents the baby blues and they made their cries known on Twitter.

One woman tweeted:

Now, these shoes clearly aren't meant for walking and the founder of Pee Wee Pumps says there's no danger to the baby's foot since they're not intended for any child of walking age.

But you can't expect please everyone, can you?

So while some may hate them, Pee Wee Pumps have most parents head over heels!