Chew on This: Empire Baking Co.

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DALLAS - April has some pretty noteworthy dates. There's Easter, and of course April Fools Day. But did you know April is also National Grilled Cheese month?

Now before you start stressing about how to make the perfect sandwich, we've got you covered.

Tip #1: The bread is one of the most important parts. And Empire Baking Co. in Dallas has just what you're looking for.

"We're a 24-year-old family owned bakery, specializing in bread,' Tamie Hoffman told NewsFix. Hoffman is the General Manager of Empire Baking Co. "The way that we make bread is exactly the way you would have made it in the 1800's. We don't use any chemicals; we don't use any mold inhibitors."

On to Tip #2: Don't be scared to get a little crazy with cheeses and other ingredients. You want to give your grilled cheese life!

"This is an apple cider confit, which is basically a preserve,' Hoffman said. "This is Havarti cheese. So you always want to use a really good melting cheese, not a cheese that will crumble."

And add a little apple for grilled cheese perfection!

You can also try using Gruyere, with caramelized onions and maple bacon onion jam.

Last but not least, enjoy your favorite grilled cheese sandwiches with your favorite friends. And since it's a month-long celebration, be sure to repeat!!!