Boom Box: Rags to Riches

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DALLAS -- In a recent interview, JLO mentioned that she started out so poor she could only afford a slice a pizza and that’s all she ate for years until she hit it big. It made us think about all the celebrities that are extremely wealthy but came from nothing.

Like Jay-Z. The rapper is very vocal about living in poverty with drugs and violence surrounding him in the Marcy Projects.  Now, he is one of the richest celebrities in the world, with a net worth in the hundreds of millions.

Then there’s Eminem. Before he became an extremely successful artist, with multi-platinum albums to his credits and millions of dollars in his bank account, he grew up in Detroit.  He was raised where drugs and violence were a regular part of his younger years.

In reality, the poverty and housing project story is true for many hip-hoppers like Lil Wayne, Nas, Dr. Dre and Nicki Minaj.

And Rags to Riches doesn’t only happen in the music industry. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio. He grew up poor in Los Angeles and is now one of the biggest actors to date. Justin Bieber also has a similar story and of course we all know Oprah struggled to make it as well.   Oprah’s story is arguably the biggest success story of them all.  Remember when she started out in underprivileged circumstances in Mississippi? Now, she’s a billionaire!

 Rags to Riches; fascinating, inspiring and empowering!

And that’s your Boom Box.