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The Flash S03 E17: The musical episode!

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Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s our musical episode of Flash, which means half an hour of dialogue and only five songs. The cast said "We’re in a musical” more times than the number of songs. I counted.

Don’t get me wrong; the musical moments were amazing -- like the two original songs I’m your Superfriend, featuring a tap dancing Barry and Kara and the closer Runnin’ Home to You where Barry re-proposes to Iris. That Grant Gustin can sing. I said "I do” several times throughout that final performance. If only the songs had told the story rather than the episode being dialogue driven. It certainly left me wanting another musical team-up!

The plot of the episode surrounds the Music Meister, who’s managed to put Barry and Kara in a trance. Their shared dreamscape happens to be a musical reality in which familiar faces populate. 

Their only hope? Follow the plot of the musical to it’s end and uh… don’t die. Because death in the musical means death in real life.

Music Meister, in the meantime, is robbing Central City, having taken the powers of both of our heroes trapped in his trance. Besides the Vibe/Martian Manhunter/Kid Flash awesome(!) team-up, the battle gives Wally a reason overcome his speed force prison fears and suit up again.

In the end, after a deadly mobster shoot-out, it’s up to Iris and Mon El to reaffirm their love -- thereby saving our heroes. Both prior episodes of Flash and Supergirl put our lovers at odds so it was nice to know that was only a set up for the musical episode and not going to be season long discord.

Up next, it’s long time Flash villain Abra Kadabra. In the comics, he’s from the 64th century, where technology appears to us like magic. In our Flash TV Universe, Abra is from Earth 19, which is also the home of Gypsy and HR. Our preview sets up that Abra Kadabra offers Barry info on Savitar identity… 

Abra is not going to be a one episode villain, so pay close attention to the details, fans… in our next new Flash, Abra Kadabra!

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