Legends of Tomorrow S02 E15: A twisted new reality is coming with Doomworld!

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Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

With only two pieces of the spear, our Legends seek out the remaining pieces from the Legion of Doom, who’ve been hiding and attacking our Legends from…. the Vanishing Point!

Arriving in stealth, our Legends reacquire two of the pieces from an object that Firestorm transmutes to jelly beans. Seriously, all the tasty snack combinations popped into my head. Firestorm is at the top of my next party invite list.

Fearing the newly recombined Spear of Destiny will tempt our Legends into using it, Mick sets it ablaze revealing a message in Latin - Born of Blood; Undone of Blood.

Once Rip tells Sara they can’t actually go to the crucifixion of Christ, Nate informs them of a folklore in which Sir Gawain, who set out to find the Holy Grail, brought back the blood of Christ. Since Stargirl had conveniently created King Arthur’s court, Nate seeks out the expert on Gawain’s travels author JRR Tolkein.

So our Legends head to 1916 WWI France to convince Tolkien to help them. After discovering the body of Gawain and a map on his crest, the Legends head to battlefield where the chest containing the blood is buried.

But the Legion of Doom is not far behind and they’ve brought Leonard Snart -- Captain Cold -- plucked from a point in time where he’s still villainous. This is enough to cause Mick Rory --Heatwave -- to switch sides. 

Our now newly five Legion of Doom: Merlin, Darkh, Thawne, Snart and Rory conclude the episode powering up the Spear of Destiny! Can our Legends overcome their own altered history and versions of themselves and a timeline controlled by the Legion of Doom? 

It’s twisted new reality in the next Legions of Tomorrow - Doomworld!