Girl severely burned by DIY slime

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ROCKLAND, MA -- DIY projects are all the rage these days. You can make your own stress balls and even create your own headboard!

The current trend? Homemade slime! Apparently making your own slime is so "in with the times" that kids are selling it at school!

That's what Kathleen Quinn was doing. She loved making the slime so much she would sell her slimy creations to kids at her school. When she was at a sleepover she started feeling pain in her hands.

"It felt like, really hot and tingly," Kathleen said.

"She was like crying in pain 'my hands hurt, my hands hurt.' We looked at them and they were covered in blisters," her mom said.

She suffered second and third-degree burns from extended exposure to Borax; a main ingredient used to make the slime. There is a warning on the Borax box that says 'keep out of reach of children' but her mom didn't expect this to happen.

Kathleen has to sleep in splints until she's better. Thankfully, though, she is expected to make a full recovery.

This just goes to show that DIY's can be fun, but make sure it's safe to use. Especially for kids.