Twitter’s getting fly with United Airlines over #LeggingGate

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DENVER, CO -- United Airlines flew into a tight situation over the weekend, when they reportedly kept two passengers from boarding a flight. No, it wasn't because these passengers were unruly-- turns out, the ban was all behind a couple pairs of leggings.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, the two teens were riding on passes -- which are basically free tickets. Well, those passes are typically reserved for family and friends of airline employees and the leggings were in violation of that dress code.

However, to others observing this, it just looked like United was refusing to let the two women on the flight. That's when social activist, Shannon Watts, who happened to be a witness -- ended up tweeting the madness. Her series of tweets soon became known as the #LeggingGate in the Twitter-verse.

Sooner rather than later, United Airlines replied to the flurry of critics.

Then they realized the two teens were riding on passes and the passengers didn't meet that dress code. Because United already stepped in it by claiming they can refuse to take passengers if the gate agent feels they're not properly dressed, the airline had to backtrack a little bit saying "leggings are welcome."

Delta Airlines landed themselves in the middle of all the action too:


But seriously, if wearing tights in Walmart is okay, wearing them on a plane -- should fly too!

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