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Supergirl S02 E16: Mama & Papa Mon El, Art Thievery, and Supergirl eats a ton of apples

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

That ship that’s been hunting Mon El all season? It’s his parents! And they’re the monarchs of Daxam!

Making Mon El royalty too! Who didn’t see that coming? I have some land on Krypton I’d like to sell you...

This also means Mon El wasn’t a body guard to the prince but the prince himself.

He’s been lying to Kara this entire time. The deceit doesn’t go over too well with Kara. Plus, Daxam royalty weren’t know for being nice to their people.

You know, slavery and all.

Mama Mon El and Papa Mon El have returned to restore Daxam to it’s glory after it’s destruction alongside Krypton and they think Prince Mon El is the perfect image they want to project to the galaxy and inspire their people to rejoin a reformed Daxam.

Despite Kara breaking it off with Mon El, he rejects his parent’s plea and decides to stay on Earth.

In a nice tip to fans, Papa Mon El’s name is Lar Gand which in the comics is Mon El’s real name. He was given the Mon El moniker from Kal El, Superboy, who at first thought Lar Gand was his long lost brother and also from the house of El.

We also learn in the episode the Kara eats an insane amount of apples. As a single woman in National City, I could never eat that many apples before they went bad.

Seriously, look at that bowl of apples on her table.

Who eats that many apples? Kryptonians I guess. Maybe Kara’s going to make a pie?

The subplot in the episode involves Lyra having scammed Winn to steal the priceless Van Ghoh painting, Starry Night.

Turns out her brother is being held by an alien art thief and demands Lyra take advantage of Winn to save her brother.

It’s in a fight with the alien gang that we discover that the aliens have the weaponry to devastate all of Oklahoma.

Winn of course doesn’t give up on Lyra, despite their relationship being a deception.

We’ve all had that friend right? The one who’s obsessing over someone who’s isn’t obviously interested. And your duty as friend is to listen, play therapist and help them reacquire that priceless piece of art they let get stolen.

In the end the Music Meister shows up, drops Kara in a trance and kicks off our musical episode over in the Flash!

Next up! Director Kevin Smith returns as alien bounty hunters come after Supergirl. And is that Rhea I spot in the trailer? How does Terri Hatcher’s Mama Mon El play into all of this?

Plus President Lynda Carter returns in the next new Supergirl! Distant Sun!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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