Man’s vanity plate says GRAB HER, but it’s not what you think

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NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA -- We've all seen those weird personalized license plates.

Like this person who wants their ex to know how they really feel:

And this Infiniti driver who loves Toy Story! was even forced to remove a Texas plate from its auction site for having the initials "A.F."

In millennials lingo, that "F" stands for a four letter word we're not allowed to say.

Across the Canadian border, a guy's "Grabher" plate will make you do a double take. His license plate is getting him in trouble because some people think it's promoting violence against women. What they don't know? It's just his last name!

Lorne Grabher received a letter saying his plates would be canceled because someone complained.

Grabher bought the plate 25 years ago for his dad's 65th birthday.

"When the plates first came out I was so excited about it. This is what I wanted to get for my father. My father put it on a motor home and traveled the United States, traveled across Canada and everything with it - and nothing was ever said," Grabher said.

He's has tried to get the ruling overturned but to no avail.

We all know people need to express themselves, but these vanity plates are getting out of hand!