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12-year-old amputee takes a new step with gifted prosthetic

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ARLINGTON -- Elias Brown is a lot like most other 12-year-old boys.

“He loves sports," his dad, Chase Brown, said. "Anything with a ball, anything active with friends playing sports he’s gonna be in it.”

He's also a budding sneakerhead!

“I just like shoes," Elias said. "Yeah, shoes are fun.”

Elias gets a lot more use out of the right shoe than he does the left, though. That's because, thanks to a leg deformity, he's missing most of his left leg.

“I know that I originally had two legs, but the other leg didn’t really do anything, so this is a really big deal to just be able to get back to life, you know?” he said Saturday.

Born in Ethiopia, that leg deformity actually put Elias into the life has has now.

“We decided to adopt, and because I’m a prosthetist I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t we adopt a kid I can help?’" Chase Brown said.

For those who don't know, a prosthetist measures, designs, fabricates, fits, and services prosthetic parts.

Not long after the decision was made to adopt, Elias became a Brown, his leg was removed above the knee, and his new life began.

“We would like to present you with your Cheetah running knee," Ossur's Elizabeth Vanderweerd told Elias Saturday, handing him a brand new prosthetic.

Ossur and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) gave him the high tech equipment at their mobility clinic in Arlington Saturday, and while he was impressed by the sleek design...

“He put on all black so it would match. It looks really good,” Elias said, running his hand down the black metal while showing it to his grandfather.

His dad was marveling over the world that continues to open to his boy.

“It’s huge," Chase Brown said, holding back tears. "I want him to be able to do what he wants to do.”

With his new leg, it seems Elias can and will do it all.

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