‘No Fun League’ cracks down on ‘inappropriate celebrations’

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NEW YORK, NY — In an effort to take all the fun out of the game, the NFL – through its VP of Football Operations, Troy Vincent – recently announced it is developing an “educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations.”

But this is something we’ll be talking about for seasons to come, because of the simple fact that the NFL gives each individual official discretion to determine what an excessive celebration is, and what isn’t.

You can argue that sometimes it’s obvious. But other times, it’s not.

For example, will Zeke Elliott’s kettle jump be in the “training video” as something that’s not okay, while the Lambeau Leap is still acceptable?

And that’s where the problem comes in. Some refs will flag certain celebrations, while others won’t.

Vincent sent out another tweet saying the NFL is just “seeking clarity and consistency for both the official and the player.”

But eventually, the league may get what they want and the players will just act like good little robots as the NFL continues their effort to take all the fun out of football.

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