Irving Police Department hires new police chief

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IRVING -- The city of Irving has a new police chief! the new man in charge -- chief Jeff Spivey was sworn in Friday at Irving P.D headquarters.

Spivey, who is a 30-year vet of the Irving police department takes over for now retired police chief Larry Boyd.

“He recognizes what policing and the value of policing and what that means to the community, and how important it is for us to see ourselves as servants of the community, so he`ll provide that leadership for our officers,” Boyd said.

For the past 12 years, Chief Boyd lead the department to see major drops in crime in the city and has set a high bar for not only that office but also for the DFW area.

“Now Jeff I`m going to give you a word of advice, in 10 or 20 years when you decide it’s time for you to retire you are going to have some pretty big shoes to fill. We are confident you are able to do that,” Mayor Beth Van Duyne said.

While Chief Spivey says he appreciates what past chiefs have achieved during their time behind the badge, he looks forward to setting a higher standard.

“They set the bar really high,” Chief Spivey said. “My job is to raise that bar for my successor, and while I admire the work that they did, it’s now my time to set my own path.'

Chief Spivey says that path is to look at where the department can improve.

“As an organization, we have to constantly be looking to improve not only our relationships with the community but our processes our policies our procedures. So we need to sit down and look at that and figure out what we tackle first.”

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