Class Act: Madison High basketball team rallies from slow start to a championship

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DALLAS —  It isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish. And the hoops stars over at Madison High proved that big time this year, making them our Class Acts of the week.

It was a rough start to the season for the Madison Trojans, dropping their first four games, but the team rallies around the adversity.

“We started off 0-4. it was frustrating, but we knew we had a goal in mind and that was to win state,” said senior Desmond Scott. “And we knew we were going to get it done.”

But they knew that the expectations for them were high, no matter how they got started.

“When you come to Madison, you know that you’re trying to be on the team that’s going to go to state, because that’s what everybody before you has done,” said Patrick Terry, who was named Tournament MVP.

“We had to do it for each other, for the community and for the people who said we wouldn’t and then it was just a great feeling just to go out on top,” Desmond said.

Yeah, the Trojans claimed the 3A State Title in early March, with the help of some newcomers.

“It was like a little nervous because I’m the youngest of the starting five. I’m a junior and I didn’t want to mess it up for them,” said Quintarius Johnson. “So I had to come out and play hard.”

As well as the bonds between some of these guys who have played together their whole life.

“The friendship and the chemistry it’s all learned and it’s nothing but love because we’ve been knowing each other for so long,” Patrick said.

And this season brought them all together, overcoming early defeat to earn ultimate victory.

“For me it just taught me to never quit and just work hard for what you want,” Quintarius remarked.

Patrick agreed: “You might start off rough or you might struggle in life but as long as you keep fighting something good will happen and God will have your back,”

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