Women’s Final Four set to bring $30 million to Dallas

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DALLAS — We’re just over a week away from the NCAA Women’s Final Four rolling into Dallas, and there’s a lot of excitement for it to finally tip-off, especially over at the Hyatt Regency, the final four’s official hotel.

“Our team gets very excited, because they recognize the eyes of the world are on Dallas and these events and they get pumped up,” said Bryan King, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Hyatt Regency.

While it may not have quite the same impact as the Men’s Final Four hosted by North Texas three years ago, what the women bring in is far from chump change with an estimated thirty million bucks expected to pour into the city.

But Dallas has become one of the biggest event destinations in the nation, and places like the Hyatt have plenty of experience to bring things like this home for the win.

“Hyatt Regency Dallas does about a thousand events in a year so it’s about three a day on average,” said King. “There’s a lot of moving parts that go on to run a large convention hotel like Hyatt and NCAA, while it’s another one of those groups, it’s a large group that we will be ready for because that’s what we do best.”

Well, the overall turnout of the event might still be up in the air. But with Baylor and UT still in the tourney, a few more Lone Star wins could turn the whole Final Four into a Texas-sized party.

But whoever travels into town, it looks like we’ll be ready for them. Just proof that hosting big-time events is becoming a habit here in Dallas.