Chew on This: Moxie’s Grill & Bar

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DALLAS – Moxie's Grill and Bar in Dallas is the latest Canadian hot spot in the Metroplex. Owned by Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, the trendy, yet sophisticated decor makes for the perfect spot to catch up with friends for a drink – or grab a bite.

But don't let the interior fool you, because when it comes to the kitchen – things go from zero to 100 real quick!

Just ask head chef Steven Chute, who came all the way from Canada to run the Moxie’s kitchen.

"I was born in Alberta. I lived in Manatoba for 15 years,” Chute told NewsFix. “I lived in Ontario for 10 years. The Dallas eaters, we love 'em - they're great. And we believe they love our food, so that's great."

And how could they not? With starters like the Korean fried cauliflower and the seared ahi tuna salad – to entrees like the chicken Madeira rigatoni.

"It's one of those, you get it, you eat it, when you're down with it you're gonna want to lick the bowl,” Chute said.

Chew on This: Another classic Moxie's is offering is the prime New York 12-ounce steak, with Canadian flare on their potato.

"We bake it, we empty it out, we add cream cheese, we add some milk, we add some mustard, we add some spices, we add some bacon, Chute told NewsFix."We put it in a piping bag, and re-pipe it. We chill it down and then for service we put 'em in the oven and heat 'em up for about 20 minutes, and then we get this glorious potato."

Sounds like a twice baked potato, no?

"It is a twice baked potato. Sorry; in Canada we call it a stuffed potato,” Chute said.

Hey, one word that's universal for the food Moxie's offering is magnificent!