Arrow S05 E16: Susan Williams in peril, Felicity goes all in and Talia makes her present day debut!

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Susan Williams in peril, Felicity goes all in and Talia makes her present day debut!

We open on Oliver traveling to a snowy, foreign monastery to confront Talia about the student she once trained. And holding back nothing Talia reveals to Arrow what we already know - Prometheus is DA Adrian Chase.

Talia also reveals to Oliver that she is in fact an Al Ghul and she aided Chase because the Arrow killed both their fathers.

Armed with that info Oliver goes back to Star City to confront Chase where Chase dangles a captive Susan Williams as his collateral for Oliver not killing him or exposing him as Prometheus.

Some of the best moments in the episode involve Adrian doing his job as DA while he trolls Team Arrow who’s unable to touch him.

Felicity goes deeper into helix in a quid pro quo exchange with Alena, where Helix helps her find Susan and in turn Felicity hacks illegally into a DHS drone system.

She also discovers that Adrian Chase’s real name is Simon Morrison, a possible reference to the creator of the comics’ Prometheus, writer Grant Morrison.

Team Arrow storms the building for Susan which puts Arrow face to face with Prometheus.

Spartan shows up with Doris Chase to use her for bargaining power, but Prometheus isn’t allowing that to happen as he stabs his own wife.

As Spartan whisks Doris Chase away, Arrow and Prometheus go head to head and surprise(!) Talia reappears to conclude the battle with a tranquilizer arrow.

A now captive Oliver is the set-up for out next episode as Felicity promises Alena and Helix anything they want in exchange for data that could lead to Oliver’s whereabouts.

Next on Arrow, Prometheus attempts to break Oliver and it’s the return of Dolph Lundgren as Konstantin Kovar.

Will this bring our Bratva flashback into the present?

Let’s find out in the newest Arrow… in an episode title that roughly translates from Russian word for Hood -  Kapiushon!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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