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Is losing your phone as stressful as a terrorists attack?!

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What's more stressful: a terrorist attack or losing your cellphone? Well, If you're thinking "it depends on the day," then you're certainly NOT alone!

Many others also agree, that losing your cellphone is about as stressful as a terrorist attack, according to a recent survey by Physiological Society. The study asked 2000 Britons to rank life events from 1-10, with 10 causing the most stress.

To be fair, a lot of other reasonable things did top "losing smartphone," which was only rated 5.8 out of 10. That was just behind "terrorist threats" at 5.85.

Death of a loved one came in first, while going to jail and being fired was ranked high on the list too. Brexit, UK's decision to leave the European Union, landed at #16 -- of course after losing a smartphone.

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