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Supergirl S02 E15: Cadmus starts an alien roundup and Supergirl gets canned

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Cadmus is rounding up aliens across this city using a secret National Alien Registry the DEO kept. Cadmus even gets aggressive, taking on our favorite alien bar in a showdown with Winn, Alex, Maggie and the Guardian!

Kara tries to get a message out to warn potential alien victims through Catco, but Snapper Carr isn't allowing it because the story isn't properly sourced even with an assurance from Supergirl to Snapper.

And in a bit a deception J'onn uses his shapeshifting powers to become Jeremiah Danvers to test Alex's loyalty getting Alex suspended from the DEO.

So Alex goes Rogue, teaming with Maggie to find where Cadmus is taking all the aliens

Meanwhile Lena pops-up in the episode to assist Kara first by suggesting Kara publishes her story via her own blog,, potentially putting her at odds with Snapper and Catco.

And again, through tracing unusual corporate transactions leading to a supposedly inactive Luthor Corp Naval Systems site.

But not before Alex gets there first and confronts Jeremiah. Who's motive this entire time has been to protect Alex and Kara.

Lillian reveals the Cadmus plan to deport aliens in a giant space arc. She then bumps up the time table for launch based on the sudden publication of the Kara's alien blog warning, thereby thwarting Cadmus' round-up.

Quick note: The blog gets Kara fired from Catco. Are the producers jettisoning the failing Catco plot? They’ve certainly been lackluster without Cat Grant. But where does this leave Kara? She professed early to Mon-El that Supergirl is the abilities but Kara is the person.

Back to the battle, in last minute plea, Alex is able to flip Jeremiah "Dad make this right!"

Oh and Alex is not playing either. She sets off charges she'd previous placed through the facility causing Lilian and Cadmus to flee and a showdown between Cyborg Superman and a super powered Jeremiah

Alex ends up aboard the frigate to prevent it's launch to deep space and in the nick of time Supergirl arrives to slow the ships engines until failure.

With the aliens rescued and Cadmus on the run, Jeremiah is proved the hero but is now missing.

For long time fans it's great to see Jeremiah Danvers actor Dean Cain back in the super powered spotlight since he portrayed Superman in the 1990s series Lois and Clark.

Even cooler, our next episode brings back Lois from the same series! Teri Hatcher is in our new preview alongside Hercules himself actor Kevin Sorbo!

Plus it’s the guest appearances of Grant Gustin as Flash and Darren Criss as the Music Meister in our Glee reunion episode!

Will the Mon-El mystery be revealed through music?

New villains, and the beginning of our Flash two-parter in our new Supergirl Star-Crossed!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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