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Dallas man creates photo app that fixes flubs in a flash

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DALLAS -- When you scroll through social media, you`ll be sure to find many seamless selfies. But to create the perfect picture takes some time, that is, until now.

That's because, in order to fix that pic, there's an app for that.

โ€œIโ€™m a photographer myself and I like to edit photos, and my wife is always sending me photos to edit, and I thought there`s got to be an easier way to get a photo edited.โ€

Dallas photographer Patrick Thibodeau came up with Mendr. The app launched last week. you can upload your pic, send it to a freelance editor, and then return it, picture perfect.

Think of it like Uber for creatives.

Josh Farrar with Mendr said, โ€œThe second an app user says I want this fixed, I want it mended as we say, the editors see it and they compete for it.โ€

Thibodeau said, โ€œthere are hundreds of people around the world with Photoshop, Lightroom, and editing skills. They`re just this untapped workforce.โ€

Farrar added, โ€œWe started to see the positive responses, especially from editors who were loving what they were doing and telling us this is fun!โ€

Prices for this app range from about $2 to $20, depending on what you want done to your picture. But if all you`re looking for is to slap a filter on your pic, this app might not be for you.

โ€œIf your only goal is to put filters on a photo, then by all means. But what I would say is try out the possible that are there,โ€ Farrar said

Try it out for yourself, download the app and use the code CW33 for $5.00 off an edited picture.

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